TU58FS - file sharing with a DECtape II emulator

This is a tool to share files between a DEC PDP-11 and a modern computer.

The software emulates an TU58 DECtape II, which is controlled by the PDP over serial RS232 line.

The "tape content" appears as plain files in a shared directory, and can be accessed on both sides. So you can easily exchange files between PDP-11 and your host, just by copying to and from the shared directory, even per drag'n drop.

XXDP and RT-11 filesystem are implemented.

Requirements on PDP-11 side are minimal: only a 2nd serial port is needed. Not even TU58 "DD" Boot ROMs are necessary, as tu58fs contains an option to download a boot loader over ODT and M9312 console.

There is full support for "oversized" TU58 tapes: a TU58 tape image can hold up to 32MB, breaking the 256KB barrier.

This allows to run the full XXDP diagnostic file set over a single RS232 connection. No need to create special XXDP cartridges, or to wear your RL02 drive while reparing & testing.

Or you can run a full RT-11 distribution to a host directory, modify sources with your host editor and compile on your PDP-11 simultaneously.


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TU58FS - Overview Written by Administrator
TU58FS - The command line Written by Administrator
TU58FS - XXDP walk through Written by Administrator
TU58FS - Editing images Written by Administrator
TU58FS - Technical details Written by Administrator
TU58FS - Oversized tape images Written by Administrator
TU58FS - PDP-11 boot loader operation Written by Administrator
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