PDP11GUI Memory Dump window

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The Memory Dumper window can read data from memory addresses and save it as one or more disk files. It is a special Memory window. Several file formats are recognized.



To load data, use the controls in an up-to-down sequence:

  1. Enter the start and end address of the memory range you want to dump. It are physical addresses, which may be 16, 18 or 22 bits width
    Be aware, that loading data from memory over the console may take very long.
  2. Press “Examine All”
  3. Choose a file format.
    (If a format is missing, feel free to contact me)
  4. Depending on the file format, select one ore more disk file names.
  5. Press “Save”, the data is written into the file.

You can edit the loaded data in the grid before saving, but you can not write back the changes to memory.

In the example above, data is loaded from the PDP-11/44 boot diagnostic ROM and written as ASCII file.

Use Memory Loader and Dumper as format converter

You can use Loader and Dumper together as a stand-alone file format converter. It is probably the world’s most inefficient one!

  1. Connect to one of the “fake” PDP-11. These are internal simulations with full PDP-11 memory.
  2. Use Memory Loader to load data from a file into memory. Data will be transmitted over console “Deposit” commands into the faked machine.
  3. Use Memory Dumper to read data from memory and save it into another file format.
    Again all data is transmitted with console “Examine” commands.