Scanning micro fiches

While repairing PDP-11's, I often suffered from missing documentation. Especially the program listings of the "XXDP" diagnostics were not found on the web.

On the other hand, some guys I know had boxes full of DEC micro fiches. It took a while before I realized that all documentation was already at my finger tips.

fichereader fiche2

To read those fiches you need an old micro fiche reader (easy to get). Much better is access to a micro fiche scanner to make PDFs out of them, so you can share them with others. Getting access to a high-volume scanner proved to be almost impossible, so I decided to build my own.

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The homebuild automatic micro fiche scanner Written by Administrator
Micro fiches - a closer look Written by Administrator
Micro fiches - post processing Written by Administrator
Downloading DEC PDP-11 XXDP listing scans Written by Administrator
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