PDP11GUI Terminal window

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The Terminal window is a simple terminal emulation. It is directly connected to the bidirectional serial line over which data is exchanged with the target machine.



You can use it in two different ways:

  1. You can type directly to the target machine console, and receive directly answers. So the terminal window is a replacement for a serial video terminal.
  2. The complete data traffic between PDP11GUI tool windows and the target machine is logged in the terminal window. So you can see what PDP11GUI “types” and “sees” whenever one of the tool windows does its job.

The Terminal window is not an implementation of VT100 or VT52, it understands no control codes. It is as a simple as a teletype.

The current connection settings are shown in the title bar.

Right click brings up a pop up window wich lets you Cut&Paste. The common short cuts Control-C and Control-V can not be used because at least Control-C must be routed to the target machine to break into running programs.