PDP11GUI Memory window

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The four Memory windows show 64 consecutive memory addresses as an 8x8 table.



There are two Memory windows available, so you can observe two different memory regions.

You can set an arbitrary start address. The whole grid will be read from memory then (this requires some time to complete). “Start addr” will be displayed in the upper left grid cell. You can scroll up and down by increments of  16 (octal 20) as well.

Addresses are even 18 bit or 22 bit physical addresses. You can edit the 16-bit values, and write them back to the target machine by pressing a “Deposit” button . If values have been changed, they are marked yellow until a “Deposit” or a “Examine” is performed.

If a memory location is changed by use of another tool window, the Memory  windows content is updated automatically.

A right click brings up a context menu, allowing you to

  • set all memory values to 0 (zero),
  • fill every memory location with its address.
  • read the target machine again (like “Examine All”). The data grid is not updated, instead changed memory cells are marked yellow.