PDP11GUI comes as a self installing “MSI" paket, made with InstallShield.

The installation contains those files

  • “pdp11gui.exe” is the core program
  • “macro11.exe” and “pdp11disas.dll” are helper programs for MACRO11 assembly/disassembly. They are needed for PDP11GUI to work. They are Copyright by others.
  • “pdp11.exe” is the special version of SimH (more).
    PDP11GUI can run without it, it is in the package for convenience. Copyright by Bob Supnik.
  • “pdp11.ini” is a prototype machine description file. Use it as template for your own one.
  • The “*.mac” are several short MACRO-11 source f iles. These are the helpers from “Hints on testing a dead PDP-11”.
  • “EY-C3012-RB-001 PDP-1144 Processor Maintenance Supplementary Listings (microcode) Apr-81.txt” contains the micro code listings for 11/44.

Because of Vista/Win7/Win10 compatibility, I was forced to conform to Microsoft standards:

  • All executables are installed into “%ProgramFiles%\Joerg Hoppe\PDP11GUI”.
    “%ProgramFiles%” may expand to “c:\programs”.
  • All text files are treated as user documents and are installed in
    “%USERPROFILE%” may expand to “c:\documents and settings\”
  • All text files are overwritten on the next update installation, so keep local copies, if you change them!