The ftp service process is running by default, see file “/etc/inetd.conf”.

But the ftp service user has to be configured:

Add a user "ftp" with UID=200 as shown in the previous page for user "joerg". A group “ftp” (here: GUID=50) was already defined. The  line for file "/etc/master.passwd" must be

ftp::200:50::0:0:ftp user:/usr/ftp:

Then proceed creating the user and its home directory.

The home directory for ftp clients is /usr/ftp. It must have a special layout and special rights. Log in as root and set it up:

cd /usr/ftp
chmod 555 .; chown ftp .; chgrp ftp .
mkdir bin etc pub
chown root bin etc
chmod 555 bin etc
chown ftp pub
chmod 777 pub
cd bin
cp /bin/sh /bin/ls .
chmod 111 sh ls
cd ../etc
cp /etc/passwd /etc/group .

There's additional access control for ftp clients:

  • User "anonymous" can always log in
  • Users listed in file “/etc/ftpusers” may never log in
  • Known users can login, if they don't have an empty password
  • Ftp user's can only access directory "pub" and below.

After setup reboot the machine and go again to multi user mode., Then


Telnet is running by default without configuration.