PDP11GUI is an integrated development environment (IDE) for PDP-11’s, running under MS Windows.

You can write programms in assembler and load them onto the PDP-11, run programs or single step them, disassemble code, load, dump and display memory and inspect registers.

You can use it in conjunction with SimH to learn about PDP-11’s, or you can attach it to a real PDP-11 as an handy hardware investigation and diagnostic tool.

First I’ve written PDP11GUI for some diagnostic tasks on my 11/44, then it developed its own momentum and kept me busy for nearly a year. And it’s still growing.

PDP11GUI is distributed as a self-installer at GitGub .

Before installation, backup all files you eventually modified!

Then proceed through installation instructions and the tutorial.



Title Author
PDP11GUI ┬ÁCode for the 11/44 Written by Administrator
PDP11GUI Machine Description File Written by Administrator
PDP11GUI Using Machine Description Libraries Written by Administrator
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