Planning and a First Result

Parent Category: Stories Category: VAX 11/750: The Resurrection of a Comet Written by UlliH
These are this major steps planned so far:
  • Blower o.k.
  • +5V PSU o.k.
  • +2,5V PSU o.k.
  • Console Prompt o.k.
  • Microverify o.k.
  • TU58 o.k.
  • Hardcore Test o.k. (who made that name ???)
  • Diagnostic Supervisor Level 3 Diagnostics o.k.
  • VMS Boot o.k.
  • UETP Tests o.k.

Good news: The blower passed its testing perfectly, so the first step is already done :-)). All other steps will most probably take a little longer ;-)).


Boy, this thing really blows like a hurricane!