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DECbox and BlinkenBone on VCFe 14

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The annual Vintage Computer Festival Europe took place on april 27th/28th 2013 in Munich  ( for details).

And a combined DECbox/BlinkenBone installation was shown there!

vcfe14 blinkenbone kid


You can download drafts of

  • my posters
  • and my powerpoint show

(all in German, but some pictures).

Download this file (blinkenbone1.ppt)blinkenbone1.ppt[BlinkenBone PowerPoint show]5497 kB
Download this file (vcfe-poster.pdf)vcfe-poster.pdf[Posters for VCFe 14]305 kB


  • My PDP-11/44

    These pages document the adventures I experienced with my old PDP-11/44. I split it up into many sub-pages.

    A PDP-11/44 system, as DEC sees it:


    My first impression of a PDP-11/44 ...


    ... and the same system at exhibition, just 15 months later.


    Well, this is some up-and-down!

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  • VAX 11/750: The Resurrection of a Comet
  • The PDP-10 KI10 console panel

    I always was fascinated by the PDP-10, model KI10 for two personal reasons:

    • it's been the first "real computer" I got in touch with.
    • it has one of the most beautiful front panels.

    So when one KI10 panel appeared on eBay in autumn 2012 there was no choice. I bought it, began restoration and connected it to BlinkenBone

    pdp10 ki10 all lamps-2

    And two years later I made a  virtual Java version of it, do be run on everybodies desktop.

    Read on about building the KI10!

    (And meanwhile there's an article on HACK A DAY about it)

  • Love affair with the DEC paper tape PC05

    In first half of 2015 I could acquire a batch of defective PC05 paper tape reader/punchers.

    six pc05


    They were quite rotten, but I managed to restore them (almost) all.

    Both the pure amount and the diversity of failures were impressive, and it was quite interesting to see all those little model variants.