PDP-11/70 panel on USB - software driver

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To control the panel with PC-based software, I’ve written classes in Codegear C++ and Delphi, which present the panel as a list of LED- and Switch-Objects.
The basic “pdp1170panel”-class has two descendents:

The interface is the same for the on-screen simulation and for the physical panel. So I can switch every application between a real console panel and its simulation.


pdp1170panel usb testpgm

On the photo, you see the real pdp-11/70 panel sitting before a monitor showing the simulation.
I’ve written a little test program, which just synchronizes simulation and real panel:

You can even play with the simulation without having a physical panel connected. Check the resource page for a download of “pdp1170panel.exe”. The lamp test (white switch) works.