PDP-11/70 console panel on BlinkenBone - "Plug and Play" adapter

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Seems there's never an end with these PDP-11/70 panels!

End of 2018 several people asked for BlinkenBone to connect own 11/70 panels. As wiring from the 3 flatcables to the BlinkenBoard I/Os is very tedious, I finally designed an "add-on" adapter for 11/70 panels.

blinkenbone pdp1170 adapter 4

This adapter board is just plugged onto the BlinkenBoard, and receives the original DEC cables. No changes on the panel itself must be done.

So a fully blinkenbonized PDP-11/70 panel setup consists of a stack of these components:


blinkenbone pdp1170 adapter 1

Connecting a PDP-11/70 panel to BlinkenBone is now really PLUG'N'PLAY.

BlinkenBone software for the PDP-11/70 is also used on the PiDP11 project, so you can benefit from the growing community activities there.

Wanna have one? There are several complete BlinkenCape+Board+Adapter combos laying around here. With programmed SDcard, they are €250 without BeagleBone ... this 3-piece setup is flexible engineering, but economical a hard-sell. Contact me here or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


blinkenbone pdp1170 adapter 3



blinkenbone pdp1170 adapter 5