BlinkenBone - Source code

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The complete sources of the BlinkenBone system are located on GitHub:

You find several related projects in a single directory node.


Supported platforms

The projects compile for different target platforms: Win32, Ubuntu x86, Ubuntu x64 , RaspberryPi Raspbian and Beaglebone Angstrom Linux.

Setting up cross-compiler toolchains is beyond this guide.

So you can only compile the target running on your current platform

Windows version

For platform Win32 you need Win10 running with Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition installed.

Simple execute

cd projects

This starts MSbuild.

Ubuntu version

You can compile for Ubuntu 32 bit on an 32 bit Ubuntu, or  for Ubuntu 64 bit on Ubuntu 64.

Edit "projects/" and remove all lines not fitting your host. Variable MAKE_TARGET_ARCH controls the target platform in various makefiles.

Simply execute:

cd projects

Compile Java

The Java application to simulate the panels is platform-independent. To re-create the "panelsim_all.jar" package, just start the Ubuntu-compilation as described above. Java is build with the C projects.