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Abstract: "BlinkenBone" is a Blinkenlight panel project, first realized first with the Linux single board computer "BeagleBone" . With the BlinkenBone system, you can connect physical or simulated  console panels of historical computers to simulations of these computers.

blinkenbone components

Yet another Blinkenlight project

If you read this, you surely know what a "Blinkenlight panel" is: the front of a historical computer, equipped with lots of lamps and switches. There are still many of them in vintage computer collections, since if an old computer was scrapped, the panel often was preserved.

But the Blinkenlight panel disconnected from its computer is just a nice picture on the wall. You need to add control electronic and machine logic to it, to let it show it's original behaviour .. read: "blinking"!

Clearly every vintage computer nerd is hooked to these console panels. So for years people connected Blinkenlight panels to microcontrollers or PCs and simulated the computers behind. Project BlinkenBone is no exception so far. But of course I think its better than all other projects! And there are reasons:

Proudly presenting the feature list:

What made BlinkenBone possible

Some factors supported BlinkenBone on its way: