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PDP11GUI is also a visual development environment for small MACRO-11 assembler programs. In the Source window, you can load, edit and save MACRO-11 source code files.



The main component is a text editor for program source. In this example, the boot loader for TU58 DECtape II tape is shown.

If “Run MACRO11” is pressed, an external MACRO11 assembler is called and translates the source. The result is displayed in the MACRO-11 Listing window. If any errors occur, the first error line is marked red.

Typing errors often result in an “external global symbol”, so occurence of such a symbol is marked as error. Externals can not be resolved since there is no linker phase.

The original DEC documentation for MACRO-11 can be found here.

Win32: which MACRO-11?

PDP11GUI is not bound to a specific version of a MACRO11 cross assembler. You can bring your own assembler, just edit the file "MACRO11.BAT".

  • I use an own version of a MACRO11-like cross assembler provided by simh.trailing-edge .com, Copyright (c) 2001 by Richard Krehbiel. This MACRO11.EXE is not a complete implementation, see documentation inside “MACRO11.C”. It doesn’t provide a linker either and you only can build absolute modules. (“.ASECT” directive.).
  • There are reports that you can also use another MACRO11 compatible cross assembler:  "AsmPDP". Be sure to use the version of March 31 2011, or later.
    MACRO11.BAT should look like
    "%PDP11GUIEXEDIR%\AsmPDP.exe" %1 object.code %2 
    @del object.code

    Thanks to Dave Belter for submitting this.