DEC hardware errors, and how to repair them

This category contains a list of all defective components in DEC hardware, which could be repaired successfully by somebody.

While this list grows, it will identifiy components with high error probability.

Checking those components first will greatly speed-up any repair process.
How this LIST IS organized

  •     ONE article per per module.
  •     Article title contains module name and module number, as in the "UNIBUS field guide"
  •     Example: "RL11 / 7062 UNIBUS RL01/RL02"
  •     Each component error on the module gets a different "Heading 4" entry.

For component error entries, the following fields should be used:

  •     "Error": what was wrong ("E123 74S00 very hot")
  •     "Detection": how did you detect this error? ("PCB was very dark, noticed stench")
  •     "Repair": how you repaired it ("added bigger heat sink")
  •     "Explanation": some theory, if necessary
  •     "Documentation": title and number of the DEC documents with relevant information
  •     "Date": when did you repaired it
  •     "Contact": who did it? ("Jörg Hoppe")
Title Author
PDP-11/34 KY11-LB programmers console Written by Administrator
Replacing a VT100 keyboard connector Written by Administrator
RL02 disk drive Written by Administrator
RL11 / M7762 UNIBUS RL01/RL02 disk controller Written by Administrator
RLV12 / M8061 QBUS RL01/RL02 disk controller Written by Administrator
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